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Lin & Associates and User Centered Design Services Inc. (both in Phoenix, AZ) have agreed to partner in the area of Human Machine Interface solutions.  Both companies have been jointly employed by common customers and, to provide a more harmonious solution, have recently completed joint workshops to align their services.  We now have a complete solution for our customers which will reduce the need for non-disclosure agreements, and provide complete solutions that meet industrial best practices and regulations.  Both companies have been promoting the use of High Performance Graphical Solutions and can help educate customers and subsequently build graphics that will be compliant with new worldwide regulations in this area.

EnerSys Corporation Announces SCADA Control Room Design Partnership with User Center Design Services

Houston, March 2010 – EnerSys Corporation, a Houston-based upstream energy services company specializing in custody transfer measurement, SCADA and automation for oil and gas operations, announces a partnership with User Center Designed Services (UCDS), a leader in situation awareness and human factors for the control room.

Russel Treat, President of EnerSys said:  “Our partnership with UCDS enhances our ability to offer state-of-the-art, turn-key solutions for SCADA and the control room.  In particular, we welcome the opportunity to implement the High Impact HMI approach developed by UCDS.  We fully anticipate that the changes required of oil and gas operators by the new Control Room Management regulations create an opportunity for operators to implement best practices in control room design focusing on operational excellence.”

A combination of new and rapidly evolving standards and regulatory requirements is calling for the control room to examine existing operations and to develop plans to bring their people, processes and systems current.  By implementing both control room design and best practices in workspaces and management systems using existing EnerSys SCADA platforms,  gas control centers will achieve more effective controller operations and improved overall operational integrity.

Ian Nimmo, President of UCDS, said, “Our mission is to impact all aspects of plant operations by implementing best practice solutions for reducing the frequency and severity of abnormal situations and instituting efficient and effective work processes. We accomplish this by evaluating current plant conditions, making realistic and achievable recommendations for improvement, and assisting in implementation of the recommendations.”

About EnerSys Corporation
EnerSys Corporation works with oil and gas companies and specializes in the implementation of PHMSA/CRM-compliant custody transfer measurement, SCADA and automation for oil and gas operations.  By providing systems engineering service in all areas of production, gathering, transmission, storage, plant, distribution and use, EnerSys helps major companies across the globe determine and implement the best possible solutions for their operations.  For more information, visit

About UCDS
User Centered Design Services (UCDS), is a U.S. small business Corporation with first-hand plant experience to design an overall work environment that optimizes operator and organizational performance.

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UCDS has in-depth experience in designing control rooms and modifying existing field shelters. Our process is compliant with the ISO 11064 Ergonomic Design Standard for Control Buildings. We interview management, supervision and a significant group of the operators to understand functional requirements, what works well in the existing environment, and identification and correction of problems with the existing design. To learn more Click Here


Situation Awareness

Abnormal situations encompass a range of events outside the “normal” plant operating modes, e.g. trips, fires, explosions, toxic releases or just not reaching planned targets. In the past incidents such as Piper Alpha, Milford Haven, Flixborough, Texas City and the 2003 northeast electrical blackout have all been attributed, at least in part, to a fundamental lack of good situational awareness. Early work of the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium® included a survey of the US petrochemical industry. Based on their research the consortium estimates industry losses of around $20 billion per year from abnormal situations, approximately equal to the total annual profits of that industry. Furthermore these studies indicate that companies achieving Best Practices in operations can improve productivity by 5-12%. To learn more Click Here


Fatigue Alertness Management

We have many customers looking to enhance their shift handover procedures and follow some of the Recommended Practices identified in the API documents; others are focusing attention on fatigue and fatigue countermeasures. We have great solutions for both these topics. For more details please contact Steve Maddox. To learn more Click Here



User Centered Design Services promotes Behavior – Based Safety which is a process that helps employees identify and choose safe behavior over an unsafe one. Safety in the workplace is a combination of three measurable components – the person their environment, and their behavior. To learn more Click Here

About the Control Room Operator Performance Group

The purpose of this group is to share ideas and solutions that contribute to improving the performance of the control room operator. Abnormal situations can be managed safely and effectively if we provide our operators with the right training, workload, environment, and interfaces.